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The Village at Sunriver

Building 2

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6:00 AM-Close

Brewed Awakenings’ locations across Vancouver, Washington, Portland, Sunriver, and Bend Oregon have made regulars out of customers for decades! Since 1989 patrons have been quietly discovering the finer side of coffee at the blossoming region-wide locations, which all feature fantastic coffee brewed from beans clearly roasted by the hand of an artisan.

Brewed Awakenings’ success stems from our passion for consistency and freshness in the flavor of our coffee. For instance, in-house, professional baristas brew up all of the craft-roasted beans. The friendly and skilled staff know the art of creating that perfect cup of coffee with a smile!

If coffee isn’t your thing, let us delight you with a fabulous fruit smoothie, milkshake, blended ice drink, or a wide selection of Steven Smith teas. Fresh, in-house, lemonade and strawberry lemonade are also a big favorite!

In addition to beverages, we have also developed our own pastry recipes using the highest quality ingredients. Our pastry crew are just as talented in their craft as our baristas. In fact, our professionally trained bakers, whip up fresh bagels, muffins, cookies and a variety of other pastries each and every morning.

We appreciate the support of the local community in continued patronage. To express our gratitude, Brewed Awakenings’ regularly gives back to our local schools, sporting and charity events. Our local staff has our full commitment. Because our employees reflect a part of us, we have extensive training and quality assurance programs. Brewed Awakenings will continue to grow, learn and evolve with our customer’s needs.

Visit our website for more information and to view our full drink menu!