Cascara Vacation Rentals Village at Sunriver

Why Choose Cascara Vacation Rentals for Your Vacation Rental Management?

When choosing a property management company for your home, it is important to make sure that they are going to care for your home as much as you do. Entrusting others with your home away from home isn’t always easy to do. At Cascara Vacation Rentals, we understand that. Our staff have been managing and maintaining homes in Sunriver since 1983. Working with such a well established group that has seen it all here in Sunriver and that is open-minded, flexible, and willing to adapt to the needs of each homeowner is beyond beneficial.

Cascara Vacation Rentals Village at SunriverWe have always been innovators here at Cascara Vacation Rentals. We pride ourselves on our ability to stay a step ahead of the ever changing rental market and maximizing the potential fo every home we manage.

Owners: Ed and Sandy Willard

Ed started in 1983 and hasn’t stopped since. His wife, Sandy, has worked along side with him in multiple departments from housekeeping to bookkeeping. They have taken care of homes in Sunriver for over 30 years.

General Manager: Tom Snodgrass

Tom has worked in the realm of vacation homes in Sunriver for over 20 years. He started as a field director. With his previous management background, he quickly progressed to day to day operations as our Operations Manager and later as our General Manager. He is hands-on and always ready and available to assist you. We are proud to have Tom as a foundational member of our team!


Some owners choose not to rent out their vacation home at all. In their absence, though, they need someone to check on it to make sure the property is secure and well kept. That’s our job. We’ll check on your home every week and more when conditions call for it to make sure all is well and contact you if there are any issues.

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