Photo of Brewed Awakenings

Brewed Awakenings

Location The Village at Sunriver Building 2 Sunriver, OR Phone: (541) 678-5288 Website: Brewed Awakenings


The Coffee is On!

Brewed Awakenings has locations across Vancouver, WA, Portland, OR and Sunriver, OR. Our popular coffee shops have been turning customers into regulars since 1989. We owe our success to our passion for consistency and freshness in the flavor of our coffee. All of our coffee is roasted in-house from frothing to pouring. Our friendly and skilled staff know the art of creating that perfect cup of coffee with a smile.

Our pastries get as much attention as our beverages. Our hand crafted personal recipes get baked early morning each day.

If coffee isn’t your thing, let us delight you with a fabulous fruit smoothie, milkshake, blended ice drink or a wide selection of Steven Smith teas. Fresh, in-house, lemonade and strawberry lemonade are also a big favorite!

Visit our website for hours.